Time for some art and music

Hello 4BH!

How did you get on with yesterday’s sporty challenge? I hope you didn’t waste too many of those valuable toilet rolls! Here is today’s challenge…

For today’s music lessons from Rob we will be learning how to play the glass harmonica and some classical music using cups!

Our art therapist Fiona has also provided us with some activities for this week. Have a look at the link below.

SWHELPER - Social Welfare, Social Justice, and Social Good |

Have a great Thursday!

Mr Wolff

Story time!

Take some time today to have a listen to our story this week from Mrs Cordy. It’s a great one!

I also wanted to share a fantastic achievement this week from Josh. He has shown great resilience and effort by cycling 5km everyday this month on his exercise bike. What perfect timing to finish in sports week! Well done Josh!

Did any of you manage Mr Digby’s challenge yesterday? Take a look at today’s challenge below using just a toilet roll!

Singing assembly

This week’s singing assembly song is one of my absolute favourites ‘Count on me’ by Bruno Mars.

We also have another Sing Up song for this week ‘Raise My Voice’

Don’t forget to check out Mr Digby’s YouTube channel for the daily challenges and other Sports Week exercises. Here is today’s challenge…

Let me know if you make it in the cup!

Monday Madness

Good morning!

I hope you had a fantastic weekend!

Here is this week’s assembly from the wonderful Miss Jackson all about co-operation.

We also have a new outdoor learning challenge for you to have a go at. This one is our very own Park Run. I love to do the park run every weekend and I’m sure some of you do too so this sounds like lots of fun!

Here are the answers to last week’s outdoor challenge at Paddy’s.

Have a great day!

Sports week

Firstly, here is a little video from someone who is VERY excited for September…

This week’s theme is perfect for all the lovely weather we are having at the moment! Take a look at some of the ideas below for some activities to have a go at. Even if you’re not the biggest sports fan, there’s something for everyone.

Sports Clipart, Coloring, And Dozens More Free Printable Design Themes

This week’s English activities are a bit different as they focus on instruction writing. I can’t wait to read your final piece!

And of course we have your White Rose worksheets for week 10. This week the focus is on data handling and graphs which I love doing!


Finally, Mr Digby has set up a fantastic new YouTube channel with a range of sports skills and challenges to get stuck in to! Have a look and give the challenges a go. I will post links to these as the week goes on too.


Mid-week catch up

Hello Year 4,

I hope you are all okay and enjoying Incredible Inventors week. From what I have seen you have had some really great ideas!

Here are a few pictures that I have received on the blog this week.

You are doing so well keeping things so varied after so many weeks!

We also have another storytime video from Mrs Mackie this week. She is reading a very funny book called ‘You’re called WHAT!?’


Have a lovely day Year 4 and don’t forget the suncream!

Mr Wolff

Tuesdays are for singing!

Mr Chapman and Grace have recorded another song for us this week ‘Living in harmony’. This is a lovely song with a really important message!

And here is our Sing Up song for the week featuring the book ‘Big Songs for Mini Singers’.

Have a great sing-song. I wonder if I’ll be able to hear you all the way from the classroom 😀

Mr Wolff

Monday assembly and community activity

Good morning Year 4.

I hope you’ve had a marvelous weekend and looking forward to the week ahead.

Find some time today to have a look at this week’s assembly from Miss Howells.


We also have another exciting activity for you to have a go at this week in the local community. Mr Digby has shared a video below explaining how to complete the hunt at Paddy’s.

Hopefully you enjoy your tasks this week and remember to stay safe whilst out and about.

Mr Wolff

Incredible Inventors!

This week’s theme is a great one for those who love Science, History and Design and Technology…

Where would we be without some of the amazing inventions of the past?Who knows, one day you may be the next Incredible Inventor and help change the way we live and make life that little bit easier (you may even become a billionaire!).

Inventors and Inventions Clip Art by Phillip Martin, Thomas Edison

Have a look at the weekly timetable and some of the fantastic activities that you could try at home. A good place to start would be looking at the https://www.littleinventors.org/ website for a whole range of invention ideas.

Your literacy tasks are linked below. Give them a go and see how you get on. There is something for each day linked to this week’s story ‘Taking Flight’.

And finally here are your White Rose maths links for this week.


There are also 2 alternative lessons this week for those who have covered this content before.